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"The Book "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races" is a unique compilation of information, a dictionary if you will, of Who is Who. It is approximately the size of an average yellow pages, 400 pages, yet the data in the book is far from average.

Containing controversial material of terrestrial and extraterrestrial nature, it lists names of the gods, angels, teachers, and/or alien visitors to our planet from the beginning of times.

The author, Rolf Waeber mentions the top-secret societies and organizations on Earth and beyond. The book is full of predictions, descriptions of star systems, galaxies, universes, UFO sightings/crashes, cosmic events from ancient times to present day and so much more, all in alphabetical index, all in one book.

After thirty years of research and the gathering of information this book was launched. The author provides the information, not the explanation. He lets the reader decide "what is what". Many references and sources are provided when available, however some findings originated from the spiritual/metaphysical perspective of the seers and the light workers, which are difficult to prove.

Some readers may find this book startling, beyond comprehension, or radical, well…the idea of a man on the Moon, not that long ago, was considered radical too.

To break the "monotony" of the vast amount of data, it coincides with cosmic art, B/W in the book. To see full color versions visit

Please note that all creative writing: poems, foreword by Yeva and the introduction by the author, Rolf Waeber are written in their own original English (not translated), which is the second language of those involved. "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races" " Who is Who in the Greatest Game of History", is an important guide to all who are searching for the truth".

Yeva,Artist, poet
Asheville, NC USA

"I like these subjects and I read a lot of books in this field. This book is very useful, extremely informative. Many things, many information are given. I liked it so much. I wish a great success for the author."

S. Mahdi
Cairo, Egypt

Without at least some knowledge concerning extraterrestrials ( modern / ancient ) this book might be perceived by a few readers as somewhat science fictional, but its not. It contains an incredible amount of information, some obviously from a metaphysical viewpoint. I don't think this book is meant to be an easy read, after all it is a catalog, all in alphabetical order, refreshingly accompanied by fascinating alien art and poems. If the reader is not familiar with Ezekiels encounter with "god", unfortunately that poem wouldn't make much sense. The whole biblical event from a ufological perspective. Outstanding! "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races" is simply a must have for any ET enthusiasts, to have an open mind would be helpful.

Sam Dylaney
Chicago, Ill.

"There is a lot that can be said about this book, both good and bad.

The english translation is not great, with numerous instances of odd grammar and usage and occasional spelling errors. The information in the book is stuff I came across during the nineties when I was more actively involved with interviewing abductees/experiencers/contactees, reading the UFO literature (including some channeled information), and researching the UFO contact phenomenon from a variety of perspectives, all in an effort to determine the number of different alien races interacting with out planet, what they look like, and how they relate to each other. Having a book like this fifteen years ago might have saved me some leg work. However, it is important that the information in Waeber's book not be taken too literally, as it contains some internal contradictions, as well as apparent contradictions with established science in subjects such as biology, physics and planetary history.

The source material for the book is varied and that may be part of the reason for the seeming inconsistencies, as many different systems of nomenclature have emerged for trying to classify the intelligences behind UFOs. The book contains references to contact cases described in the UFO literature, such as Riley Martin's "The Coming of Tan" and Phillip H. Krapf's "The Contact Has Begun," but especially noticeable is a heavy reliance on channeled information, which cannot be corroborated, except in the sense that many different channels seem to get similar information, pointing perhaps to a common source, possibly connected with the intelligence behind the physical phenomenon of UFOs, but without offering us a means of determining veracity.

The book contains several nice pieces of artwork by Yeva, but the printing quality is mediocre and only the cover image is in color. I would have liked to see illustrations for the numerous alien races that are briefly described in the text, as well as for the various stories about alien bases, alien homeworlds and galactic history. However, to do a thoroughly illustrated version of this book would have been a much greater undertaking. If you want a similar book (although without the metaphysical bent) with more illustrations, I would recommend Ronald D. Story's "The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters."

With its metaphysical perspective, this book is in a similar vein to Lyssa Royal's "The Prism of Lyra" and "Visitors From Within." As such, it stimulates thought and is really an essential overview of extraterrestrial races, or at least of the lore that has built up about them. I am grateful that someone has finally taken the time to assemble and publish a book like this. (I know of efforts to do a project like this in the nineties but those did not come to fruition.) I recommend Rolf Waeber's book to any serious student of the UFO phenomenon, but with the caveat that you also consider other approaches to the question of "Who is Who" among our visitors."

David W. Chace,
Seattle, WA USA

"At first I was not sure what to expect from this book, but as I began reading, it dawned on me the huge amount of research that went into Compiling and writing the book.
The book is packed with information, about ALIEN RACES,ORGANIZATIONS,THE STARS AND THE UNIVERSE, LIGHT WORKERS, and other information.
IMHO this book is "THE HANDBOOK" for the commited researcher, and for those who are searching for information regarding the Alien enigma.

"This Book can be termed as a mini encyclopedia on the subjects of extra terrestrial, supernatural, aliens, Gods and Goddesses of different regions, etc. If anyone is interested in these subjects this book comes handy for further internet searches. A unique concept devised by the author to enable a student or a researcher on further studies.

This book proves to be an amazing compilation of an extensive research by the author.

I for one have been quite informed with the book. And recommend others to read it as well. Though, there is a disappointment on English translation. In all I found the experience quite exciting and enriching."

Regards, Preeti Sharma
New Delhi, India

"Swiss UFO researcher Rolf Waeber's book is a glossary of things extraterrestrial and interdimensional. First, Waeber lists the basic alien types reported in our galaxy - humanoids/mammalians, reptilians, insectoids (including Greys) and etheric beings - and describes the 200+ races by name, from the Abbenaki of Marduk to the Zetas. He gives few sources to show who passed on these names, so I wonder how seriously he expects the reader to regard the data. Some names would be familiar to many readers of ufological lore who have looked into the stories of contactees and abductees, but some have come from channellers - many of whom are listed in the section on lightworkers, researchers and experiencers. At least this section has contact details and website addresses where available; plus, there's an extensive bibliography in the final pages.

There are all sorts of federations, councils and networks listed in the organisations section, including the Andromedan Federation and Ashtar Command, and a few terrestrial ones get a mention, e.g., the Bilderbergers and the UN. There are lists of stellar and planetary bodies, light cities and underground alien bases on Earth, starships by race and name, and UFO crashes and forced landings, but with little source information.

Waeber also describes a host of other beings: angels, ascended masters, guides, light beings and the spiritual hierarchy. It would seem that the universe is a truly happening place! Finally, Waeber presents basic timelines of the history of Earth seeding by ET races and of various Earth periods and civilizations. As for the predictions, I'm not aware that any of those for 1999 to 2005 have come true, so I don't hold out much hope for the ones for 2006 onwards!"

Ruth Parnell, assistant editor & sub editor
Nexus Magazine

"This compendium is an excellent resource. I found it quite extensive and informative. I actually found it quite amazing that all this information is known but is officially ignored. For anybody with an interest in the other inhabitants of our universe this book is a must have. I also found the art to be very compelling and wished there was more."

OddRavenZane "Z"
Asheville, NC USA

"A lifetime of research has created the most comprehensive compilation of ET information I've come across. A must have for all those who think outside the box. A great reference."

Jean O'Hara
Westpoint, TX

Reader Comment

Comment from Maria Estrada, New York
Sat, October 17, 2009 9:27:30 PM

Hello Mr. Waeber, after few years I have finally finished reading your big book WHO IS WHO IN THE GREATEST GAME OF HISTORY. Congratulations on your great work! I have noticed you mentioned Sathya Sai Baba few times, but you did not mention from where He comes from, which planet or constellation. I see how milllions of people say He is the Avatar of the Golden Age, but very few millions know Him so far. I am a devotee who also believe in extraterrestrials. If you get the time, would you please let me know what you think about the place from where Sai Baba might be coming from, some people mentioned the Pliade, some the Orions, some the Andromedans, what do you think? Thank you, God bless you and your incredible work. Sincerely, Maria Estrada, New York.