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Rolf Waeber was born in 1955 in the small village of Scherzingen in Switzerland. After school education he began to study all about computers.

Since 1973 he has worked as a mainframe computer analyst and programmer. He speaks fluent German, Spanish and English, and also understands French and Italian.

He left Switzerland in 1994 and lived for five years in Ecuador, South America where he worked temporarily as a tour guide and climbed several mountains. He made extensive tours in the highlands where he came in contact with the Inca culture.

He came back to Switzerland in November 1999 because of political upheavals in the Andean country and is now living in Zurich, Switzerland.

At the early age he was interested in science fiction, later in parapsychology, then in the whole esoteric world. He always was very interested about alien beings and UFOs.

He was a member of a German and an American UFO group and attended several international meetings.

Made a trip for fire-walking (walking with bare feet on charcoal at a temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius) and mastered this challenge with bravery.

He loves nature, especially the mountains, and is a passionate hiker.

One of his great hobbies is the world of entertainment. Loving very much going to the cinema has changed his life. You can see him now in many movies, tv spots, commercials or on posters hanging all over the country. His experience as an extra or "hobby actor" has grown quite a lot. Just started to have two roles as the principal actor.