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It was a treat to hear from you Pygoya.
After our conversation I checked e-mail, thank you for the beautiful art and kind words. Actually it was Aliens quick thinking that made it possible to put your name on that rock. After realizing that I left your business card in the hotel, ( oops), which we meant to photo at the site, Alien suggested to write your name instead, good job I had a pen on me, for paper I used the back of my card. We were so rushed by our guide, I am surprised I managed to put the wreath, video the site, Alien did the photos, and collect soil and rocks, lots of it, and that was without the main guys knowledge. Pure luck, or THEY wanted me to have it. Alien is different, that's why we call him Alien, he had an experience as a child, encounter of the third kind. Maybe one day he will put it on my website. He is shy about it. Rolfie is not exactly of this world as well " he sees dead people" apparently that includes dead alien people too. He saw ONE standing at the top of that hill, just looking at us. On the way back Rolf felt sad, as we did, close to tears, he told me about it.
I started on your book, you write well Pygoya, chapter a day that's all I could do for now busy busy. Mr. X, is some character!
Please don't worry about your loss, it will all come back to you and with some… The universe has an amazing way of evening it all out. It's happened to me many times. Try not to give up on Roswell totally, not just yet. Bad and good people you'll find anywhere. Put it down to experience, things happen. Hawaii is beautiful but… It is unfortunately a ticking bomb, as is Florida, California, and a few other places on this tired Earth.
Take care, good luck with your ventures.
Rolf Waeber was born in 1955 in the small village of Scherzingen in Switzerland. After school education he began to study all about computers.
Since 1973 he has worked as a mainframe computer analyst and programmer. He speaks fluent German, Spanish and English, and also understands French and Italian.
He left Switzerland in 1994 and lived for five years in Ecuador, South America where he worked temporarily as a tour guide and climbed several mountains. He made extensive tours in the highlands where he came in contact with the Inca culture.
He came back to Switzerland in November 1999 because of political upheavals in the Andean country and is now living in Zurich, Switzerland.
At the early age he was interested in science fiction, later in parapsychology, then in the whole esoteric world. He always was very interested about alien beings and UFOs. He was a member of a German and an American UFO group and attended several international meetings.
Made a trip for fire walking (walking with bare feet on charcoal at a temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius) and mastered this challenge with bravery.
He loves nature, especially the mountains, and is a passionate hiker.

Hello Pygoya,
The markers were put there by the owner of the ranch to mark the positions where they found the bodies of the Greys. The blue one stands for an alien with a smaller one; maybe a child. This is was he told us at the tour visitation.

This guy also told us that he has talked to an old lady who has seen the aliens. She allegedly is in posession of an old tape with evidence of aliens. He told they were of a brown color; not green or grey. He has a copy of this important tape.
The truck story is also from our tour guide (rancher). I've no evidence if this is really true.
He also told us that he and other people inspected the crash site with metal detectors and there was clearly indication of metal parts on this place. This piece of information is hard to believe to me. I cannot imagine that the military men have overseen anything!
I have also no evidence that this was really the place of the crash of 1947. I believe that it is possible.
Recently Lt. Walter Haut has died and he left an affidavit that he has seen the Roswell aliens! This info was also on FOX News.

What I saw (with my "inner eyes") at the crash site was very deeply impressing to me. There was standing a Grey being and looking to where I was standing; without any movement of the grey's body. It was clearly a being of entire grey color and about 4 ft tall. I took picture No. 053; but on the picture is nothing to see. It/he was standing about in the middle of that picture.

They told us that with this car they retrieved crash material. Unfortunately people have stolen many parts of the old car, like doors, motor parts ...

Link to my booksite and a link to Amazon.
Here some downsized pictures.
I saw the Grey standing something on the left side of the wreath which Yeva has placed there in memory of the victims of the 1947 crash. Just standing there close before this rock with a dark shadow, not on the ridge.

I will not forget the outfits of this alien. It was a classical Grey being. Later on I'll search for a similar drawing from another person.

They told us that with this car they retrieved crash material. Unfortunately people have stolen many parts of the old car, like doors, motor parts ...


Pygoya's book
Pygoya's book Link to the detailled story of my Roswell experience, enjoy it . There are pictures from the UFO crash site from July 1947. You will find pictures from the 60th anniversary of the Roswell experience.

Dear Pygoya
The Grey being was definitely not on the ridge. This would be anyway too far away for seeing clearly. It/he was standing on the ground justbefore this stone. The stone has a shadow. The being was without any shadow. Just standing there and watching, not moving the whole time.
Please see pic 053_position_of-grey.jpg for where the extraterrestrial stood.

I changed the photo to negative mode (all three colors) and there I saw clearly a Grey being.
It/he was standing on the picture at about the position which I remember.
I attach you some drawings from an artist. This is quite similar to the one which I've seen at the crash site.
The attached drawing is quite close to what I've seen. The being had lesser face features. It looked like the being had worn a type of overall suit.

copyright Daz Smith
copyright Daz Smith

July 26, 2007
Now see attached Photo for "my alien":
Picture 053_cropped-and negativ-with GREY-image_HERE.
See picture "_BIG-with-Grey where I have marked the zone with the Grey yellow.
It's now very small. A part of the before cropped negative image. You can see now clearly the complete bald head of a Grey with two eyes, nose, chin and neck.